Anything can be expressed and analyzed through its hologram in the search for reliable information

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Dr. Olga Strashun 
Strashun Institute
, Toronto, ON, Canada 

My fascination with holograms dates back to 1987, when working as a M.D in the hospital emergency ward, I ended up in the Subtle Energy Research Laboratory at the USSR Ministry of Space (the equivalent of NASA). I was actively looking for a system that could improve my diagnostic skills, and in turn, the lives of chronically ill patients.  

The Lab had been founded by the Ministry in 1983 to conduct extensive research on how and where Subtle Energy (SE) could be used. The head of the lab was a renowned Physicist, Dr. Vadim Polyakov, who gave seminars where we were trained in meditation to increase our abilities to concentrate and help Dr. Polyakov develop his system of using holograms – i.e., holographic images of people’s organs – to evaluate their condition from a distance. For that we needed to concentrate on somebody’s name and hang an image of this person’s organ in the air and check for sensations with our hand. So, I started to analyze holograms at my hospital shifts too. Before meeting the patient, I was checking holograms of organs from a distance, and later compared my findings with traditional medical tests. The seemingly impossible had come true. Diagnostics from a distance was possible! 

That was my first encounter with holograms without any knowledge of how SE works. In 1989 we left the USSR for Canada, where I decided to devote my life to the study of SE and its applications. 

In 1970, David Bohm formulated his view that the Universe operates by holographic principles and is itself a gigantic Cosmic Hologram. But unlike in a regular hologram where an image is fixed, he postulated that out there nothing is fixed. Bohm looked at reality as if it consists of two levels. The first level, which he called unfolded (explicate) order, is the world in which we function, where everything appears to be separately existing parts. The other deeper level he called enfolded (implicate) order, the level of subatomic reality, that he called the Field of Quantum Potential. This deepest level of reality penetrates the whole of space and does not have the property of locality, it is everywhere. 

A fundamental postulate of SE (Quantum potential field) is that everything in the universe, without exception, vibrates, and that vibrations carry information. This is crucial to state before we continue. Everything has a dual nature: a solid aspect and a vibrational aspect. Vibrations emanating from objects form their Energy Fields, but also have a life of their own, i.e., all vibrations go into the Cosmic Hologram and are stored there. All vibrations from the past, present, and even future are stored in an inactive state, all together, waiting to be activated. 

What is the trigger for the production of an active hologram? The moment when the Thought Factor is applied, when we start to think about a subject of our interest. When this happens, we instantaneously create a 3-D image in our heads of that subject. This is the untapped power of our minds. Our concentration, like a laser beam, comes into resonance with the relevant vibrations stored in the Cosmic Hologram, pulling them out and turning them into a specific hologram. Holograms do not exist in nature. They are products of interaction of our mind with the Cosmic Hologram. They do not have an electromagnetic component. They are pure SE vibrational forms. 

We can learn to pull out any needed information coded into a hologram. If we train ourselves to analyze them, we will have universal tools to get objective information about anything. Everything can be represented through them, even such an intangible thing as a thought. I use my technique of Subtle Energy Profiling that allows me to watch and analyze the energy behavior of holograms, as vibrational forms of any subject of our interest. It is still fascinating for me how fast any hologram could be created, even from an absolutely unknown subject. If we want to find out the traits of a person that we never met before, we only need a couple of pieces of information, like a name, voice over the phone – the rest will be captured into the hologram automatically.  

With the proper training and knowledge, we can access important information about anybody’s traits. We can make a hologram of any business, knowing the name, some information about it, and the rest will be automatically included into a hologram. Using holograms, we can do a predictive analysis of how this business will do in the future, because information about the past, present and even future is accessible. We can construct a hologram giving it any size and shape for our convenience. We can create a hologram of a cathedral that is the size of a shoe box, to find out when it was built. When we want to see if an artery is blocked, we can build a hologram of the wide tube and put a finger inside it to feel if the flow of energy is blocked or not.  

I was very lucky to be at the very beginning of my journey in the favorable environment of the hospital, because I had the chance to validate my findings with medical tests. That gave me a strong foundation to use holograms for getting reliable information. 

To avoid mistakes in interpretation of information, the most important thing is your immediate state of mind: to be focused on the subject of your interest and on the goal you want to achieve, while keeping your mind totally neutral, so  nothing stands in the way of receiving information. I call it being in the “Point Zero State of Mind”. The very second you lose control over your thoughts and emotions, you taint the answer. By achieving Point Zero State of Mind and applying the principles of SE and SEP technique, whole new worlds of information will open up for you. Whether you are a healthcare professional, a healer of any kind, a theorist or just a layperson who wants more accurate information about what is going on around you, the holograms are available to anyone and everyone. This world of vibrational information has truly been “right under our noses” all the time. 

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Olga Strashun
Olga Strashun Author

Dr. Olga Strashun is a co-founder of the Strashun Institute, Subtle Energy researcher, practitioner, author of the book Subtle Energy: Information to Enhance, Guide, and Heal, presenter, teacher, the owner of the Wellness Counseling practice for 30 years. She was a medical doctor in Russia when she started her training at the Subtle Energy Laboratory founded by the USSR Ministry of Space. In 1989, Dr. Strashun immigrated to Canada with her family where she continued her investigation in this field.

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