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Jeffrey Keen 
London Imperial College
, London, UK 

The initial motivation for my research was based on four questions. I have always been intrigued why the act of consciously observing quantum experiments could affect their results. I also wished to discover why quantum effects were not observed in the macro world. How does Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance” work? And why, after nearly 100 years of unsuccessful theoretical research, were there so many unsuccessful and untestable theories of quantum gravity? 

I believed a new approach to physics research was required, one that involved the mind. Examples of such hitherto unscientific, but ancient, techniques included the use of Noetics, dowsing, visualization, and similar research tools to investigate subtle energies, psi lines, auras, the relevance of geometry, and similar phenomena. 

Using the above approach soon produced promising results. 

Subtle energies distort geometry, both physical and abstract, from a solitary dot to a complex three-dimensional pattern. This phenomenon led to a protocol that has enabled subtle energies to be very accurately measured and quantified, leading to numerical results as well as equations and graphs (Figure 1). Additionally, I found that, when any three bodies are in alignment, they produce a subtle energy alignment beam. These bodies can be three planets, three grains of sand, or even three circles drawn on paper or in sand (Figure 2). 

Using the above two discoveries led to me to create techniques that enabled the measurement of the velocities of subtle energies in our solar system (Figure 3). I found that there is a strong interaction between gravity and subtle energy (Figure 4). Subtle energies have field strengths that not only could be measured locally and extending to Neptune in our solar system (Figure 5), but also to the center of our galaxy (Figure 6). 

Further development of these discoveries led me to additional results. Certain information is not only communicated across our solar system faster than light, but instantaneously (Figure 3). Several equations were found with high correlation coefficients that involve universal constants, a gold standard in science. The mind can achieve macro-level entanglement. And a connection exists among consciousness, gravity, and the expanding universe (Figures 4 and 6). This strongly suggests that there is a connection between the mind, subtle energy, and dark energy (Figure 7). 

In conclusion, I believe that I have made a good start on achieving my four objectives. All the above discoveries are explained in greater detail in my 58 published papers. 

Keen, J. (2005). Consciousness, intent, and the structure of the universe. Trafford Publishing. 

Keen, J. (2019). The mind’s interaction with the laws of physics and cosmology. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 


58 relevant scientific papers can be freely read and downloaded from my website 

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Jeffrey Keen
Jeffrey Keen Author

Jeffrey Keen is a retired physics alumnus from Imperial College London, and has been researching scientifically, for nearly 40 years, how the mind and consciousness interacts with the laws of physics and the structure of the universe. His publications include two well-acclaimed ground-breaking books and over 58 relevant scientific papers.

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  1. I look forward to you sharing in the future how our brain achieves these unbelievable phenomenon you described. Thank you for sharing these concepts.

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