Subtle Energies: Copy by Thoughts, Create with Magnets, A Powerful New Subtle Energy

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Jerry Gin, PhD, Chairman and CEO 
Foundation for Mind-Being Research
, Sunnyvale, CA, USA 

Introduction: Subtle vibrational energies can be measured by using the principles of resonance as taught in the fields of BioGeometry and Radiesthesia. Very high levels of these energies can be created by geometric arrays of the fourth state of matter (plasma, GANS [gas in nano state], monatomic matter), and arrays of symbols which have high vibrational energies. These different arrays create unique fields. It turns out that magnets also create the same unique subtle energy fields, depending on the structure of the geometric array. The fields teach us about the toroidal nature of matter, plasma, and magnetism with gravitational and magnetic inflow and outflow of energies. It teaches us about and how BG3 (BioGeometry 3) and 3-6-9 vibrational energies are formed in these fields.  

These fields can be copied and moved onto different types of materials by thought and intention. The fields, with high levels of BG3 and 3-6-9 energies, will activate water by increasing their vibrational energy levels. The kinetics of water activation was studied. 

A new source of horizontal negative green subtle vibrational energy was discoved. This energy, when placed in various geometric arrays, created very high levels of BG3 and 3-6-9 vibrational energy levels. A new geometric array was created by Joachim Wippich, the Teacher in my book The Seeker and The Teacher of Light. In addtion to activating water, these energies may have many potential applications. They do have substantial energetic effects on certain viruses. 

Methods: One form of GANS, Ormus, was formed by the method of alkalizing of solutions of sea salt. Ormus was placed in vials and the vials were studied in various geometric arrays to determine the types fields formed and the strength of those fields. Disc magnets were used to form different geometric arrays and the fields they formed were studied. Similarly, different symbols and structures which contained BG3 and 3-6-9 energies were placed in various geometric arrays were studied for their levels of energy and the types of fields they formed. Levels of energies were measured using the BG3 Ruler. Vials of water were placed in the various fields and kinetics of activation were measured.  

Thoughts/intention were used to copy energies to various substances. The levels of BG3 and 3-6-9 were measured on the substances. The substances with the increased levels of energy were then used to activate water and activation kinetics were studied. 

Results: Several discoveries were noted. Different geometric arrays produced unique fields characteristic of the geometry. Strength of the fields were similarly dependent on the structure of the geometric arrays. Disc magnets produced similar fields that were produced by GANS. Single disc magnets form identical fields on a flat surface (two-dimensional). If two magnets are put together with an insulator material (paper) between them, the fields they form become three-dimensional and are identical to three-dimensional fields formed by GANS, plasma, and monatomic matter.  

Water activation using the various types of fields showed kinetics of activation which were dictated by the levels of vibrational energy in the fields.  

Thought was used to copy permanently the subtle vibrational energies and the copied energies were the same as the original energy in both their level of the energy as well as in their water activation kinetics. Energies were copied onto wood, tile, paper, CD disc, and cotton. 

Discussion: GANS, plasma, and monatomic matter have gravitational and magnetic characteristics. They form fields which contain the subtle vibrational energies of BG3 and 3-6-9 (described in The Seeker and The Teacher of Light). Structurally, these new classes of matter are made of vortex energy with inflow (gravitational) and outflow (magnetic), behaving as a torus. Their gravitational and magnetic characteristics arrange subtle elements in a balanced manner, generating the fields of BG3 and 3-6-9. Magnets are similarly not just north and south poles, but have the same inflow and outflow properties. This is analogous to the double-torus structure of matter described by scientists such as Nassim Haramein. Both GANS and magnets form similar fields which are characteristic of their geometric array. An implication of this observation is that the vortex/torus nature of matter and magnets are similar. 

The levels of these energies can be measured quantitatively. Consciousness/thoughts easily interact with the fields/subtle energies. In addition to using thought to movie fields/subtle energies, it is possible to permanently copy these fields and energies onto a variety of materials such as tiles, CDs, wood, and paper. A further proof of the copying of the energies was by using these materials to activate water. Copying subtle energies is relatively simple – think or state “I AM copying the energies in this space and I AM placing the copied energies to this material permanently.” The energies then stay in the material on which it was copied. The original energy still remains in its original location. 

Our research team discovered a source for a new extremely high level of horizontal negative green (a penetrating subtle vibrational energy). Joachim Wippich intuitively created a structure with a very high level of BG3 and 3-6-9 energies There are many potential applications for such amazingly high levels of energies, especially with our abilities to copy energies. The talk will discuss how to create the structure. Experiments were conducted in activating water with these structures. Using radiesthesia techniques, it was demonstrated that these energies have a very energetic countering effect on select viruses. 

Our research also discovered that when I AM is written on a piece of paper and placed beneath a sphere, an extraordinary amount of BG3 and 3-6-9 is generated. That energy can be copied onto any material. When copied onto water, the water becomes activated with that high level of BG3 and 3-6-9. It also turns out that any of the torus/creation symbols, when wrtten and placed beneath a sphere, generates an increased level of BG3 and 3-6-9, but much less than when I AM is used. 

We learned in The Seeker and The Teacher of Light that by affirming who you are, your vibrational level increases and is measurable. The ability to show how our thoughts affect subtle energies and matter has implications in terms of who we are as explained in my new book, Science, Subtle Energies, and Spirituality: A Path to I AM. The experiments described in this paper are an experimental validation of another way to view Ourselves.  

Gin, J. (2021). The seeker and the teacher of light. Torus Press. 

Gin, J. (2022). Science, subtle energies, and spirituality: A path to I AM. Torus Press. 

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Jerry Gin
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Jerry Gin, (Ph.D. in Biochemistry, University of California Berkeley)has spent more than 50 years in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, laboratory medicine, and biotechnology industries. His passionate interests aremind-being, consciousness, and the nature of reality. He is chairman/CEO of the Foundation for Mind-Being Research (, and author of The Seeker and The Teacher of Light; Science, Subtle Energies, and Spirituality: A path to I AM.

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