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Olga Strashun has been practicing Subtle Energy healing and wellness counselling for over 30 years in Toronto, Canada — helping hundreds of clients address health problems and enhance their overall well-being. Olga received her medical degree from Russia’s prestigious Leningrad’s First Medical School, and worked in the hospital emergency as a specialist in Internal Medicine. She later received her specialization in Acupuncture from the Acupuncture College for MDs to help improve the lives of patients with chronic illnesses.

During this time she started her training in the field of Subtle Energy at the multidisciplinary research laboratory founded by the USSR Ministry of Space. In this research lab, Subtle Energy was studied in depth and applied in technology, medicine, business infrastructures, art history, as well as in the selection and training of Russian astronauts. The training at the lab was a revelation for Dr. Strashun: everything that she learned at school, and everything she believed in, was revealed to be just a fraction of reality. The knowledge she gained changed her life.

In 1988, Olga Strashun emigrated to Canada with her husband and two sons, with a strong desire to continue her investigation and work in Subtle Energy. Since then, she has established a reputation among many of Canada’s elite as a remarkably gifted “seer” and wellness counselor.

After 30 years of research and practice in this field, Olga has developed the most complete system of reading and interpreting Subtle Energy to date. As a result, her experience and interest in helping others to understand and use this type of energy in their daily lives led her to write the book, “Subtle Energy: Information to Enhance, Guide and Heal”. Olga Strashun is also a speaker at conferences and conducts workshops on Subtle Energy while continuing her thriving private practice.