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Solange Fabião




Solange Fabião is an interdisciplinary artist and design architect who was born in Brazil. She lived in Berlin during Germany’s reunification (1989-1994) and has lived in New York City since 1994.

Fabião’s practice is multi-faceted, using intuition to intertwine philosophical, ecological and communications theories into visual experiments. She works diaristically as well as reverse diaristically, in that some of her projects are predictive. Her media choices have ranged from the traditional – drawing and painting – to contemporary design, video and digital works, including TRANSITIO (2000-2008), AMAZÔNIA (Projecting on Black) (2006-2008) and Cité de L’Océan et du Surf. (

Fabião has claimed that intuition is the real substance of her art even when it is not the actual subject. An artistic stream that has taken on a covert storyboard form throughout the years came to light in 2014, after a life-changing breakthrough and a medical intervention. A visible change manifested itself in the ‘art and life storyboard’ that she has continued to develop up to the present.


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